With in a short span, Hi-tech emerged as a single source for high temperature product needs and solutions for applications even at extreme temperatures.
"Hi Tech Mission - To remain one stop solution for High Temperature materials in not only supplying but also providing solution to processing and purchasing needs of our customers at cost effective rates"

Aluminized Fire Suit



Personal - Safety Products

Hi-Tech Safety division offers wide range of high standard safety products on ex-stock basis.
Specialized in high temperature safety clothing from head to toe and personnel safety products.

Fire & Welding Blankets

Hi-Tech International offers Non osbestos Welding/Fire Blankets. Thease blankets are suitable for applications in steel, glas, forging, petrochemical, oil refineries & other industry. The blanket have the property of completly stopping fire & also holding welding drops during welding operations. The temprature resistance of the fire blankets ranges from 333C to 1649C.

The material used are 100% non asbestos & heat resistance. Options include 100% fiber glass yarn fabric Hi-Glass, Hi-Flex (based on carbon aramide fabric), vermitech (miniral coated), and Hi-sil.

There are five types of fire blankets offered, differienced by the material used, and hence temprature resistence level.

Type I - Silika Blankets having melting point as 1645C, it has temprature resistance of 1000C Continously.

Type II - Made of 100% non-asbestos vermitech texurised fabric, based on fiber glass yarn with a miniral clothing (wich prevents the entry of fire). The temprature resaistace of this blanket is 815C & highly abration resistance.

Type III - Made of 100% fiber glass yarn fabric. The temprature resaistace of this blanket is 545C.

Type IV - Made of heat cleaned fiber glass yarn fabric having low irritating. The temprature resaistace of this blanket is 545C.

Type V - Made of 100% aramid based fabric. & is an insulation blanket (Aramid imparts the properties of temprature resistance, cut proof 7 high insulation value 2.5 times better than fiber glass. The temprature resaistace of this blanket is upto 333C.

The blankets are available in the size of 1m X 2m, 1m X 3m, 2m X 3m & custom size. These have thikness ranging from 0.8mm to 3.2 mm the blanket are stiched non flamable aramid/quartz thread and fixed eye lets on all four sides.

Application Guide

Product Type
Product Forms
Hi-Sil( Silica 98%)
1245 to 1649° C
Welding Blankets, furnace curtains, aprons
Welding Blankets, furnace curtains, gloves, aprons
HI- Glass (100% Glass]
Welding Bankets, furnace curtains, gloves, aprons
Hi-Flex [ Dupont Kevlar)   Welding Bankets, furnace curtains, gloves, aprons
Welding Bankets, curtains , gloves, aprons, teg & arm guards, hood, metter googles, foot mat and welding
Welding Blankets and curtains, aprons

Non Asbestos Gloves & Other Safety Items

Aluminised aprons, gloves, coated pants, hood, shoes arm & leg guards

Fire Suits

Hi-Tech Fire Guard 700H & 705 H Series Aluminised fire suits.

Hi-Tech 700H & 705H series Proximety Suits are designed for performance of maintenance and repairs in high heat areas. workers wearing these proximety garments are insulated from harm by Hi-Tech unique, proven multi layer construction, with the other layer composed on high temprature aluminized glass. an additional moisture/steam barrier lining provides protaction in areas where exposure to hot liquids, steam, or hot vapor is possibility. Redesigned for better fit, the 700H & 705H Series Suits are available in coverall or coat and pant styles the coverall or the coat and pant styles are available with an SCBA accomandatio, if required.

The 700H Series suit comes complete with a hood with good reflective face shield, coat, pants, mitts and boots. the 705H series has a hoodwith a reflective face shield coverall, boots and mitts. Both series are offer in size Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large. Individual replacement components are available. Handy duffel/storage bags are also available. The 700H & 705H Series Proximity Suits are not to be used for fire entry.

Fire Entry Suits

HI-TECH offers you the latest of our top-quality 1000H Series Fire Entry Suits for emergency situations. These suits are designed for short duration entry into total flame engulfment or furnace. The 1000 Series Suits consist of separate coats and pants constructed from multiple layers of glass insulation, aluminized glass, and non-aluminized glass surfaces. This unique, break through insulation technology delivers superior heat and flame protection1000H Series Fire Entry Suits feature new patterns and ergonomics designs permitting users greater freedom of movement. The improvements include contoured sleeves, wider shoulders, and an improved back, which provides good radial movement for the arms. The generous hoods have excellent lateral and vertical visibility. The face shield protection is provided by a multi-layered system of tempered glass and reflective gold on a heat resistant lens. With expandable backs, the coat over flap prevents closures from becoming hot while the suit is in use.The 1000H Series Fire Entry Suit comes complete with hood, coat, pants, mitts and boots. The 1000 Series Fire Entry Suit is available in two sizes; the 100/R fits heights from 510" up to 61", with weights ranging from 1701bs up to 2101bs. The 1000/SS fits heights from 55" up to 5'9", wit weight ranging from 1401bs. to 165 lbs. A duffel bag for carrying and storage of the suit is included. Individual replacement components are available. Note: For safety precautions, two personnel should be suited to aid one another and work in relays.

Suit Components

1010 Fire Entry Hood

1020/R Fire Entry Coat

1030/R Fire Entry Pants

1020/SS Fire Entry Coat

1030/SS Fire Entry Pants

1055 Fire Entry Boots

1040 Fire Entry gauntlet

  • Welding Blankets
  • Fire Blankets
  • Transparent welding curtains & screens
  • Welding foot mats
  • Welding Burging tapes
  • Furnace curtains
  • High temp. non-asbestos gloves
  • Aluminized, aprons and Fire suits.
  • Nomex fire suits,
  • Fire entry suits.
  • Cobalt blue melter google
Ultimate Well Drape Fabrics Heavy, Medium & Light Duty, Welding fire applications
Heat Protection Gloves from 215 - 815 Degree Celcius
Firemen with Nomex Protective Clothing