With in a short span, Hi-tech emerged as a single source for high temperature product needs and solutions for applications even at extreme temperatures.
"Hi Tech Mission - To remain one stop solution for High Temperature materials in not only supplying but also providing solution to processing and purchasing needs of our customers at cost effective rates"



Insulation Covers

Saliant Features of Hi-Tech Energy saving removal insulation covers

  • Prevent Heat loss from steam pipes, valves,engine exhausts etc.

  • Ensures energy saving upto 40% confirming to ASTM C 680.

  • HT - RIC jackets are flexible and vibration resistant with built in acoustic barriers.

  • Protects human / workers from burns during operations.

  • Protects equipment from fire, water,chemicals and weather.

  • Provides cooler and safer working environment.

  • The complete cover is incombustible ensuring safety to the equipment

  • Prevents fire hazards from chemical and oil spills

  • The covers are reusable and easily maintained with hooks loops by personnel

  • Can be made to any size (custom made) and removable

  • Custom designed fit ensures covers remains in place.

  • Provides great aesthetic look to the equipment.

  • Most economical and easy replacement to any other conventional methods

  • Covers designed as per ASTM C1094-01 (2006) and tested as per BS 476 Part 20.
  • Application areas: Value head covers, (gate, globe, check, butterfly, plug, control etc.) DG and acoustic insulation covers, hydraulic hose coverings,engine covers, steam pipe insulation, cable/hose protection insulation sleeves, flange joint covers, engine covers, heat shields, expansion joint covers Heat exchanger head covers,evaporator head covers, exhaust wraps, turbo charger jackets, man way door covers, driers covers, polymer filter covers, extruder barrel jackets, energy saving jackets/Pad covers etc.